Exercise During Pregnancy – Great Ab Workouts for Overweight Mothers

Exercise During PregnancyThe habit to exercise during pregnancy is crucial for overweight pregnant mothers because they are usually prone to abdominal pains.

Beginning an exercise program in a gym can be a daunting experience and many mothers will scared to start it.

The best way is to start it slowly and then gradually build up yourself.

Exercising you abdomen will lead to strong abdominal muscles which reduces back pain, improve your posture and prevent an accidental injury.

There are many easy abdominal exercises for overweight mothers which can help very much, let’s look at some of them.

Try the standing crunch. Stand with the feet hip-width apart and draw the bellybutton into the spine. Tuck the pelvis slightly and then bring your fingertips to the ears. Crunch forward and then squeeze the abdominal muscles. This should be repeated for about 15-20 times a day.

Curl ups can also be practised. These are usually much safer and easier than sit-ups which will put the spine under undue pressure. Lie on your back with one leg put out straight. The other should be bent to about 90 degrees. Then place the hands on the lower back, pull the abdominal muscles tight and then curl the shoulders and head off the floor. Pause at this point as you feel your abdominals contracting, and then lower the body down slower.

Exercise During Pregnancy: Birddogs

For stronger abdominals, birddogs should be tried. They include a static or an isometric contraction. Assuming an all-fours position, lift the left out in front with the left leg behind. Then make the two limbs straight keeping the core muscles tight. Extend this posture and making as possible avoiding arching the lower-back. Pause at this position for some seconds before repeating the process once again. Change over the other hand and leg and repeat the whole process again.

Practise standing toe touches. Just as in the standing crunch, Stand with the feet hip-width apart and draw the bellybutton into the spine. Tuck the pelvis slightly and the raise both your arms straight above the head. Bend forward and let the arms and the chest come forward. Bend raise one of the legs straight up. Return the leg to the ground and try the same using the other hand. Alternate the process for 10 to 20 times.

Exercise During Pregnancy: Pallof Presses

Pallof presses are another option. This is some ant-rotation exercise as the abdominals act to resist the movement. You need to have a cable machine. While standing side-on to it, hold its handle in the hands and then push it ahead straight. The arms should be straight and keep the hands in front of your body’s midline. Hold in that position for 10-15 seconds before switching sides. Pallof presses can also be performed using resistance bands with many different variations being available. They can be tried on one knee or in a kneeling position.

The plank can also be tried. Start by putting the forearms on the ground directly below the shoulders. Rise up and stand on your toes keeping your body on a long flat line. Hold on to this position for ten to sixty seconds. Relax and then repeat the same process again.

Training to burn fats in your abdomen and make it strong should only be a part of one’s program. Walking more can be a key element in building a strong abdomen. Combining this and the methods above will keep the tummy tight during pregnancy.

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