Best Tips for Relieving Muscle Pain in Pregnancy

muscle pain in pregnancy Whereas muscle pain in pregnancy is quite common, there are nevertheless some incidences when an expectant mother can experience a lot of pain.

This can definitely affect the quality of life.
Consequently, muscle pain during pregnancy requires attention just like any other health condition. Here are some great tips which can help you relieve muscle pain during pregnancy.

Muscle Pain in Pregnancy – Start Practicing Good Posture 

The more the baby inside your womb is growing, the more your center gravity is shifting forward. Most expectant women compensate this shift with leaning back in order for them to avoid falling forward. What they forget is that, by doing so, they are straining their lower back without their consent. This will definitely occasion back pain overtime. As for you, you should avoid this trend by practicing good posture. Here is the best way for you to practice good posture in order to curb muscle pain during pregnancy.

  • Stand up tall and straight
  • Hold your chest high
  • Keep your shoulders back and then ensure they are relaxed
  • Avoid locking your kneels

Good posture doesn’t only entails standing straight and tall, it also entails sitting with care. You should therefore select a chair which will adequately support your back. You should also place a pillow behind your lower back to ensure that it feels comfortable throughout.

Muscle Pain in Pregnancy – Lift objects from the right angle

Whenever you are lifting an object, squat down and then start lifting it as you stand. Avoid bending at the waist when lifting objects since it can also lead to back pains during pregnancy, especially during the last months when you are about to deliver your baby. It is imperative to understand you limits when it comes to lifting objects. Consequently, don’t hesitate to ask for assistance when lifting heavy objects.

 Getting the right gear 

Having the right gear is another great way of preventing muscle pain during pregnancy. You should start wearing low heeled shoes when you are 3-months pregnant. Wearing high heeled shoes while you are expectant may not only lead to severe muscle pain, it can also be risky since you can easily fall down and hurt your unborn baby. You should also start wearing a maternity support belt since it is known to provide additional support to pregnant women.

Muscle Pain in Pregnancy – Always sleep on your back 

The way you sleep when you are expectant is very important in the sense that, the wrong sleeping position may lead to severe muscle pain during pregnancy. Always ensure that you are sleeping on your side and avoid sleeping on your back regardless of how tempting it could be. You should also invest in support pillows which you need to place between your bent knees, behind the back and under the abdomen.

Have complementary therapies 

At times, you can experience horrible muscle pain during pregnancy to the point where you find it excruciatingly difficult to walk or sleep. That is when complementary therapies come in handy. Though they are quiet expensive, doctors have recommended them to scores of women suffering from extreme muscle pain during pregnancy. They are also known to provide the ultimate comfort needed during pregnancy. However, if you are considering having these therapies, you need to discuss the available options with your doctor.

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